The Michael John Centre for Research and Human Resources Development, an educational wing of Tata Workers Union, was inaugurated by the former Prime Minister of India, Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi on 18th October 1984. The centre aims at promoting better understanding and healthy labour management relation through research studies, workers development programme, seminar and workshop for both men and women participants.

Objective of Michael John Centre of Tata Workers' Union

  • To preserve and maintain excellent industrial relation, industrial peace and enliven the concept of working together principle with the management.
  • The Michael John Center will strive to infuse in workers at the grass root level by providing detailed information regarding the Union and Industry.
  • To develop research facilities on labour issue at all level.
  • Publishing information on National and International workers movement.
  • Training members on Health, Environment and Safety by conducting special classes and seminar to Executive Committee Member and Primary Members.
  • Providing facilities and reading room with books and journals in different subject.
  • It endeavours to promote information sharing in, Modern Technology, National and International standard and raising of Quality of life of the workers.
  • Providing facilities of library and Reading Room with Books and Journals on Trade Unionism, Management Techniques and Computer Education.
  • Conducting regular classes for workers, women employees and supervisors to raise their standards of knowledge to effectively take part in seminars and workshop at National and International levels.


The Michael John Centre for Research and Human Resources Development has continued its activity of providing a Two- Day Basic Development Training programme and leadership training programme for the union members and the executive committee members since 22nd February 1987. During the year 2017-18, 738 primary members in 19 batches attended the course.


As of today, the centre has covered more than 28,000 employees. We have conducted 19 Batches including 4 batches for ladies and 3 for new entrants covering a total no. of 738 employees.


Two day Ladies training programme conducted by Michael John Centre of Tata Workers Union for working women. In the previous year 4 such classes were conducted covering 79 working ladies.


Culture is the core of any business and Passion is the core of any Company. If an organisation exists for more than a century, it must have a very strong culture and value system. Merely production, cost and quality do not decide the life span of any Company, but the value, on which the Company runs, also play a vital role in its existence.

Tata Steel has survived for more than a century and still it is flourishing. Amongst the important factors which enabled the Company to survive, its rich cultural heritage and strong value system are the most important.

Tata Workers Union is one of the oldest and strongest Unions of the world and founder member of the trade union movement in India. It has also faced taugh situations but always stood for the cause of the employees as well as for the Organisation. The Union is about 98 years old and its guiding principles laid down by its ancestors, the rich culture and value system have always strengthen the Union under any adverse situation.

These all practices and principles of both Union and Management have collectively benefited the Organisation, the Employees and ultimately the Nation.

A healthy Union is an Asset for the Management and Union Executive Committee members are the front line soldiers of not only the Union but also the Management. A skilled, well informed and alert Executive member is a boon for the organisation.

Many of us are not aware of the story of the struggle by our ancestors. We must know in detail the values and the guiding principles which has helped the Organisation to survive in this age of competition. This programme "Abhigyan" has been designed to educate and impart basic knowledge to the Union Committee Members regarding the Values and Culture of Tata Workers Union as well as Tata Steel, their history and how they struggled together to safe guard the interest of the workers, the organisation and the Nation. They should be aware of the attributes of a successful and alert Union Committee Member.

The above programme was launched and inaugurated by Mr. T. V. Narendran, CEO and MD Tata Steel on 21st Nov. 2016. During last year we conducted 12 such programmes, covering almost all committee members.


We have conducted 3 such programmes of newly recruited JET, Trade Apprentice and Job for Job recruits covering 394 participants.


Michael John Centre started off with its activities by conducting the Michael John Memorial Lecture from 1984 onwards. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Bharat Ratna J.R.D Tata, former Chairman Tata Steel and continued by 23 eminent personalities.

Sl. No. Year Lecture by Subject
1 1985 J. R. D. TATA
Former Chairman Tata Steel
Working & Growing Together
2 1986 G.Ramanujam
Former President
Towards New Culture
3 1987 L. K. Jha,
M.P Former Minister of Finance
Strategy for full
4 1988 Dr. P. P. Narayanan
Former President-ICFTU
Trade Union in the
21st Century-The
Challenging Ahead
5 1989 S. K. Jain
Former Dy. Director General, ILO
Technology Employment
and the Quality of Work
6 1990 C. S. Dharmadhikari
Retd. Judge
Bombay High Court
Dignity of Labour (Hindi)
7 1991 Dr. V. Krishnamurthy
Former Chairman Maruti Udyog Ltd
Labour Management
Partnership for Global
8 1992 Russi Mody
Former Chairman
& M.D. Tata Steel
Probing into the Future
9 1993 R. Venkatraman
Former President of India
Labour Relation for
Productivity & Quality
10 1994 V. G. Gopal (posthumous)
Former President of Tata Workers Union
Trade Union-A positive
factor of nation Building
11 1995 Ratan Tata
Chairman, Emirates
Tata Steel
On Human Bonds
& Value
12 1996 Gopeshwar
Former Gl. Sec. INTUC
Industrial Growth Scenario
13 1997 P. A. Sangma
Former Speaker of Lok Sobha
Trade Union Solidarity
Dignity of Labour
14 1998 Dr. J. J. Irani
Former M.D. Tata Steel
The Role of Industrial
Relation in the Changing
Industrial Scenario
15 1999 R. P. Billimoria
Chairman & M.D. Billimoria Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Building & Sustaining
Together Michael John
Foot Step
16 2000 Fr. E. H. Mc Grath
Director Human Life Centre
Balasore (Orissa)
Significant features of the
world of work today
17 2001 Dr. Karan Singh
Former, M. P.
Labour Management
18 2002 Prof. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Former President of India
Quality of Man
19 2003 B. Muthurman
Former M.D. Tata Steel
Tata Steel on Economic
Value And Industrial
20 2007 Oscar Fernendes
Ministry of Employment
Govt. of India
Importance of Tech.
21 2009 S. K. Benjamin
Former President, TWU
Industrial Peace and
22 2010 H. M. Nerurkar
Former MD, Tata Steel
On Innovation Education
& Training
23 2011 Sri Prakash Jaiswal
Former Minister of Coal, Govt. of India
On co-ordinal relationship
between TWU and
Tata Steel, based on
principle of trusteeship


  • A group of 10 Executive Committee Members attended a Seminar on Effective Living leadership programme at Panchagani from Dec. 6-9, 2017.
  • A group of 6 Executive Committee Members attended a training programme on fundamentals of labour laws on, 23-27 October 2017.
  • A group of 8 Executive Committee Members attended a training programme on effective living and leadership at Panchagani from October 4-7, 2017.
  • A group of 8 Executive Committee Members attended a training programme on Empowering Trade Unions leadership at Noida on April 10-15, 2017.
  • A group of 4 Office Bearers and 27 Executive Committee Members attended a seminar on Leveraging Digitization to productivity, Capability, Stockholders Experiences and safety at Gandhi Labour Foundation Puri from Feb. 13-15, 2017.
  • A group of 10 Executive Committee Members attended a Residential training programme at V. V. Giri National Labour Institute, Noida from Feb. 6-10, 2017.
  • A group of 10 Executive Committee Members attended a training programme at Panchagani from Feb. 1-4, 2017.
  • A group of 18 Executive Committee Members attended 21 days Personality Development Programme from 29.8.2017-18.9.2017 organised by Central Board of Workers Eduction, Sakchi, Jamshedpur.


Research Students from different institutions came to Tata Workers Union and done research work on Labour relation, Jt consultation and allied subjects in Michael John Centre. They also met the Union Leader as well as MJC official and they were given valuable guidance and co-operation.


The following Government as well as Tata Steel officials visited the TWU & Michael John Centre :
1. Ratan Tata, Chairman, Emirate Tata Sons.
2. N. Chandrasekharan; Chairman, Tata Sons.
3. Rajendra Prasad Singh, President, Jharkhand-INTUC.
4. Santosh Kanse - President, Sandrike Union, Pune.
5. Shyam Sunder Singh, G.S Tata Motors Workers Union, Lucknow.
6. P.S.S Ganesh, Chief Merchant Mill.
7. Suresh Kumar, Ex. V.P.S.S., Tata Steel.
8. Avneesh Gupta, V.P. S.S., Tata Steel.
9. K. Soundararajam, President, Titan Employees Union.
10. Suman Mitra, Sr. G.M.-HR Bosch Ltd. Bangalore.
11. Pashupati Nath Sah, Zonal Director, CBWE. Sakchi.
12. Subodh Pandey, EIC Tubes Division, Tata Steel
13. Dr. Ajay Kumar, Spokesman, AICC.
14. Alok Krishna, officer on Deputation to M/s KGSSCL
15. Gouri Shankar Maity, General Secretary, Tata Bearing, Kharagpur.
16. Kalo Buran Sarkar, Working President, Tata Steel Workers Union, Tata Bearing, Kharagpur.
17. Dr. Abdul Malik, Head Plant Medical, Tata Steel, Jsr.
18. Varbhan V Bendre, Voltas Limited, Mumbai,
19. Sanjiv Paul, V.P. Safety, Tata Steel.
20. Dr. Shashank Shah, Haward Business School.


Uttam Singh Ms. Mounika
N. Rajesh Soni
Debashish Das U. P. Singh
Zubin Palia D. K. Sinha
Aloke Krishna Ms Sonal
Sarajit Jha Abhsekh Chatterjee
Jaya Singh Panda Mritunjay Kumar
A. K. Mishra Gourav Saxena
M. V. Raman Kumar Vikram
Abdul Malik Ms. Chinmay Sahu
S. C. Mishra Navin Kumar
Dr. Smita Vilas Gaikwad Ms. Kirti Uperti
Rohan Kumar Karan Lakhari
Shazad Qaiser Binish Shaw
D. K. Sinha Dr. S. Baig
Pankaj Kumar Dr. Vikash C. Panda
Amitabh Bhattacharjee Deeba Ahmed
Sumit Kejriwal Nitin Kr. Lal
Vikash Kumar Jaideo Upadhyay
Samir Salil Gupta Dr. M. S. Singh Manas
S. Alam  

(Open session was conducted by Sri. R. Ravi Prasad President, Arvind Kr. Pandey, Dy. President, Sri. S. K. Singh, Gl. Secretary, Sri J. Upadhyay, Director, MJC.)


  • Organizing the Unorganized Sector Worker.
  • Ladies development course for working women.
  • Leadership course for Executive Committee Members.
  • Provision of Social Safety Net for Workers.


Established in 1987, The Michael John Centre Library is considered as one of the model Libraries in Jamshedpur, particularly pertaining to the Trade Union movement and allied subject. Keen interest has been evinced by students in different fields of activity, who are regular readers of books and magazines. Number of books have been lent to students in the inter college level, to help them appear at the Entrance Examinations.
  • As you enter this Library and Reading Room you will share the patriotic sense that inspired such great personalities like, S. N. Halder, C. F. Andrews, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, Prof. Abdul Bari, Michael John and V. G. Gopal who presided over the destinies of Tata Workers Union.
  • Various other exhibits preserved and well maintained in the glass covered shelves give a lot of knowledge pertaining to our Trade Union Management.
  • Tata Workers' Union Library has collection on above 15,000 books on a variety of subjects particularly on trade union, industrial relation, safety, health & hygiene and personal management, text book for school and colleges student appearing for entrance examination as well as books on computer science general knowledge, spiritual knowledge are also available in the Library. Reference Books, bibliographies, auto biograph and classic work form an integral part of the library. The collection includes quite a few religious books and books of philosophy as well.
  • A large collection of journals on labour laws and various supreme court judgments are maintained in the library for reference.
  • A magazine corner for display for local and foreign journals collected from various Trade Unions and other institutions is added to the library.
  • Separate reading room having 20 (Nos.) of news papers in both English and Hindi and a number of journals and magazines from India and catering to the literary tastes of all kinds of readers are available in the reading room.
  • There is also a class room cum reading room which is used by the student of employees children.
  • An important file containing press clippings maintained in the library of immense reference value. There is a collection of about 2000 works on different topics specially related to the welfare of the workers, biographical sketches related to steel, automobile science and technology are also maintained in the library.
  • There is an archive consisting the Historical Agreement of 1956 between Management and Tata Workers Union and other agreements, which is of greater importance in preservation of monumental records such as the visit of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr.Rajendra Prasad in 1925 and the visit of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1939. Lecture delivered by the recipients of Michael John Memorial Gold Medals are also available.
  • 620 Number of books have been added in the year 2017-18 in the field of science and technology, general knowledge, literature book, reference book, text book for school, college students appearing in entrance examination.
  • The information centre is maintained by qualified and experienced librarian.


Sri. R. Ravi Prasad, Chairman
Sri. Arvind Kr. Pandey, Dy. President, TWU.
Sri. Satish Kr. Singh, General Secretary, TWU.
Sri. Jaideo Upadhyay, Director, Michael John Centre
Sri. P. K. Hota, Librarian, Michael John Centre, TWU.

"They should be a great family living in unity and harmony, not only looking into the material welfare of the labourers but their moral welfare also; capitalists being trustees of the welfare of the la bo ur in g cl as se s un de r them........ May God grant that, in serving the Tatas, you will also serve India and will realize that you are here for a much higher mission than merely working for an industrial enterprise".
—Mahatma Gandhi in his speech to Tata Workers' Union in 1925

VG Gopal
Labour has to play a very critical r ol e in r es tr uc tu ri ng o f th e industry, which cannot be done without them. Their considerable knowledge and new skills can be a valuable input to the restruc- turing work. The role of unions is critical in the establishment of a training culture. Training cannot be left to business alone. The truth has to be brought home that in a more competitive world of today, which is dominated by knowledge-intensive technology, the key to economic success is human resources. We should know how to channelise its skill, with a more effective organisation of production systems.
—V. G. Gopal

JN Tata
"We do not claim to be more unselfish, more generous or more philanthropic than other people. But we think we started on sound and straight forward business principles considering the interests of the shareholders our own, and the health and welfare of the employees the sure foundation of our prosperity."
— J. N. Tata

JRD Tata
"In 1956, in consultation with the Union, we created the consulta- tive machinery which has proved largely responsible for the mutual trust and cooperation we have enjoyed since then. But we must not be satisfied with what we ha ve done up t o no w. O ur workers, today, particularly the younger ones, are better educated and trained to understand the technical and managerial problems of industry and are, therefore, quite capable of enhanced participation in the management of industry.... I have been feeling for some time that we should take a further step forward in our joint scheme of cooperation."
— J. R. D. Tata
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