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TATA WORKERS' UNION         Inaugural Function of the centenary Year Celebration

First In Labour Welfare

श्रम कल्याण मे सर्वप्रथम

Social Achievments

सामाजिक उपलब्धियाँ


Tata Workers' Union is one of the earliest trade unions in India. Its history dates back to March 1920. Formerly known as 'Labour Association', the trade union at Jamshedpur, as elsewhere, was born out of workers' suffering and sacrifices caused by a prolonged strike which ultimately resulted in the increase of wages, introduction of fringe benefits like Provident Fund and, above all, recognition of the Labour Association. An Advisory Joint Committee with representatives from Labour and Management was formed as a precursor to the concept of workers' ......

UCM List 2018

Historic Agreements

ऐतिहासिक समझौते

Our House Journal

इस्पात मजदूर

Ispat Mazdur

Contact Us

Contact Person : Shahnawaz Alam

Phone : +91 9279093662

Contact Person : Jaideo Upadhyay (Director)

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