1977 - 1993
Valadi Ganapathy Gopal was born on December 20, 1917 . The son of Ganapathy Iyer, a former Tata Steel employee, Mr. Gopal joined the Steel Company in 1936 in the ministerial cadre after completing his schooling from Mrs. KMPM School. Not long afterwards Abdul Bari, the labour leader, took Mr. Gopal under his wing. Prof. Bari, who headed Tata Workers' Union as its president with Michael John as its General Secretary, preceived in young Gopal qualities that were ideally suited to trade unionism. Mr. Gopal was thus initiated into the union as a Shop Steward in 1937.

As the freedom struggle gained ground, Mr. Gopal joined the 1942 movement. He was imprisoned in Patna Camp Jail for a year during Quit India Movement, a call given by Mahatma Gandhi. After he was released, he devoted himself to trade union activities. He was elected Assistant Secretary in 1943 and later, following the death of Abdul Bari (28 March, 1947), rose to the position of General Secretary in 1947. When Michael John became President, Mr. Gopal resigned from Tata Steel to becomea full-time Union Official.

Mr. Gopal participated frequently in the ILO Steel Committee since 1949. The ILO rewarded him for his contributions by electing him a permanent member of its governing body and vice-president of its 7th session in 1990. Mr. Gopal was a vice-president of INTUC and President of India National Metal Workers Federation (INMF) since 1980. The Miners international Federation also benefited from his experience by having him as a member of its executive committee for four years. Mr. Gopal participated in the founding conference of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) in 1949 in London. A member of the governing body of the National Productivity Council and its vice-chairman since 1986, Mr. Gopal made a significant contribution to this body in India and abroad. His tour of America at the invitation of the American Federation of Labour enriched his experience of the Trade Union Movement. He was a delegate at a seminar sponsored by Asia Productivity Council on Collective Bargaining and Sharing of the Gains of Productivity in Tokyo and Singapore.

Mr. Gopal was a member of the Rajya Sabha from 1952 to 1956. He was also a member of the Legislative Assembly, Bihar, from 1957 to 1962. A participant at the deliberation of the National Joint Consultative Committee for the Steel Industry, he was responsible for introducing many measures to improve the lot of steelmen. He participated in numerous international conferences and seminars.

Born on 29th December1917

Completed schooling in February,1936 at the Mrs KMPM High School,Jamshedpur

Joined Tata Steel in 1936 in the ministerial cadre

Elected shop steward fo the Tata Workers Union in 1937

Participated in 1942 freedom struggle and was imprisoned for a year

Elected Assistant Secretary of the Tata Workers Union in 1943

Elected as a General Secretary of TWU in march,1947 and become a full time official of the union

Attended the ILO Steel Committee in 1949 and 1956

Pariticipated in founding conference of CFTU at Brussels in 1949.

Membership of Rajya Sabha, the upper House of the Indian Parliament from 1952-1956

Member of the Legislative Assembly,Bihar from 1957-62

Elected President ,TWU, in 1977 and Vice President of Indian National Metal Worker Federation

Elected Cice President of Indian National trade Union Congress in 1980

Executive Committee Member of Miners International Federation for four years

RepresentedINTUC in the 9th Asian Regional Conference of ILO at Manila,1980

Elected Member of Governing Body of ILO in March 1989

Awarded Sir Jahangir Gandhi Memorial Medal in 1989 for Industrial Peace and Harmony by XLRI

Awarded 10th Michael John Gold Medal(posthumously) by Tata Workers Union

He was shot dead in 14th october1993

Downlaod : Sri. V.G.Gopal

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