1902 - 1977
Born 29th Nov.1902

1922 - After completing his education in Madras came to JSR and joined Tata Steel

1923 - He left his service from Tata Steel and joined Tinplate Company of India Ltd.

1928 - Elected as a Gl. Secretary in Tinplate Workers Union

1930 - Netaji Subash Chandra Bose requested Mr.Michael joined towork in Jamshedpur Lab our Association

1937 - Labour Association got registration with new name Tata Workers Union where Michael John was elected Gl. Secretary

1942 - He took active part in Quit India Movement and was imprisoned

1946 - He was elected Member of Bihar Legislative Council

1948 - Supervisor & Technician Unit was formed under the leadership of Michael John

1954 - He attended ILO as a worker delegate

1956-62 - He was member of Rajya Sabha

1956 - Two Historical Agreement with Tisco Management &Tata Workers union 1st on 8th January and 2nd on 4th August as known as Tata John Agreement.Salient feature of this agreement are:-Recognition of Tata Workers union,Collective Bargaining system starated, Workers Participation in Management,Joint Consultative System started

1952 - Elected as President of Central Intuc for a term of 3 years

1965 - NJCS(National Jiont Committeeof Wage ) was formed by Govt of India and new wage structure system started in Tata Steel under th leadership of Michael John

1977 - Died on 3rd August

Downlaod : Sri. Micheal Johan

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