1924 - 1928
Born in New-castle-on Tyne on 12th February, 1871 in England. He grew in childhood in an Atmosphere of prayer and meditation. The impact of church service and the religious life Of his parents helped his passionate devotion to religion, developed from the early days of Childhood.

He strongly supported Dadabhai NAoroji,who voiced for the first time India's Claim for Swaraj in 1906

Father's name-John Ad bin Arnold

Mother's Name-Sholot Andrew

1883-He took first class in classical Trips and obtained a Felloship in 1889 and came to Cambridge to teach technology

Schooling -In1876 from Andrews King, England Edward

1904- Andrews came to India as a Christian missionary and joined the staff of St.Stephen's college in Delhi

1904-At the age of 33 he came to India and collected gathered information about the Indian culture, Social activies, people of different religion and other activities

1912- Visited Shantinekatan.calcutta and met Rabindra Nath Tagore.His temporary home in India Was Shantinekatan.

1913-After the request from Gopal Chandra Gokhele he visited South Africa where he met with Mahatma Gandhi. he always believe/thought the development of Lab our problem. He visited many Countries and met working people .He was known as Dinabandhu meaning the friend of humble as he has devoted His full life with poor and working people .

1914-He Worked hard for the justice for the working people of India in the following year

1916-Tea Garden,Chandpur

1918-Cloth Industry Madras

1921-He was twice elected as President of the All India Trade Union Congress

1924- He elected as President Jamshedpur Labour Association

1924-He was advised to give report about the working people in Jamshedpur after the meeting With the Tisco Board of Director

4th April, 1940-He died in Calcutta

Downlaod : Sri. C.F. Andruz

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